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The canon point I've taken Ryoji from was shortly before he was about to retain his memories of who he is. In other words, the moment he made an appearance on Ads, he still had no idea about being any different from a mere human, and was still being his cheerful, flirtatious self.

 Ryoji post/log
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meme threads included in the main list are considered canon to the game

▶ 2011- September:
 09-25 [The 1st Night] - Ryoji is making his appearance on Ads.
 Suki (introduction; a girl who's a warrior)
 Hitsugaya (introduction; how Adstring works; survival tips)
 09-28 Luke (introduction; team-up for cleaning)

▶ 2011- October:
→ 10-01 [The 2nd Night] - No Minako, no Junpei. Ryoji has a sad. 
 Raven (introduction; no currency in Ads)
 Guy (introduction; he's new here, too)
 10-02 Luke (nothing to be embarrassed about)
 10-14 Hope (introduction; missing your friends?)
 10-16 Yoko (pickup line fail; deciding to go to Bon's place together)
 10-21 Kurisu (introduction; place to stay; common friend)
 10-22 Hope (magic and candles)
 10-24 Yoko (sharing an umbrella; the girls here are different)
 10-27 Rhyme (introduction; you're welcome to stay in my room)
 10-27 Luke (looking for his best friend)
→ 10-28 [HALLOWEEN PARTY] - Ryoji is trying to organize a Halloween Party. 
 Rhyme (cooking with Nepeta)
 Angeal (apples)
 Joshua (introduction; costumes?)
→ Kurisu (pumpkin carving)
→ Vincent (not fond of crowds)
→ Unohana (seal of approval)
→ Nepeta (introduction; cooking partner for Rhyme)
→ Katara (a hand with the decorations)
→ Bon (and just where exactly are you planning to hold that party at?)
 10-28 Hope (dude, you gonna get sick)
→ 10-29 [The Grave Event] - Ryoji leaves the house and finds a grave with his own name on it in the fog.
→ Bon (flames of Satan; no memories)
 10-29 Kurisu (inviting all the pretty ladies home; the magic of a woman's purse)
 10-30 Kurisu (names on the graves)
 10-30 Killua (going a little crazy there, man)

▶ 2011- November:
 11-03 Joshua (sitting in the snow; where you come from)
 11-03 Rhyme (knitting scarves)
 11-17 Rhyme (cooking with Killua; can I come over?)
 11-17 Beat (spying on Rhyme)
 11-17 Rubedo (introduction; surprise party for Sephiroth; pet Swan Dragon)
11-21 [Ryojiventures] - Ryoji discovers the magic of a beings called 'Chocobos.' 
→ Sango (oh god, another flirt)
→ Hope (knows his stuff; let's go catch it)
→ Rinoa (introduction; knows her stuff, too; let's go catch it)
→ Vincent (kid, that's dangerous, leave it be)
 11-22 Hope (some kind of event?)
 11-22 Luke (what is real and not)
 11-25 Joshua (vending machine)
 11-25 Rhyme (Shiro; broken arm and leg)
→ 11-27 [Chocobo hunting] - After spotting a Chocobo and failing to even get near it, Ryoji asked around for help. And so the hunt begins anew! 
→ Rinoa + Hope (it ran that way!)

▶ 2011- December:
 12-04 Hope (love letter?; medical training)
 12-05 Joshua (trash novels; Joshua-senpai)
 12-17 Rhyme (spending Christmas with people dear to you?)
→ 12-21 [Nightmares?] - Ryoji wakes up from a very vivid (and unpleasant) dream.
→ Rinoa (trouble sleeping?)
→ Luna (introduction; someone pretty is there with you?)
→ Unohana (what dreaming is about)
→ Hope (do you dream often?)
 12-23 Rubedo (Alby)
 12-24 Joshua (Merry Christmas)
 12-24 Luna (star-shaped piece of cake)
 12-26 Hope (snowball fight, snowball fight!)
→ 12-26 [Memories?] - Ryoji realizes that the dream he had wasn't apparently that much of a dream. He remembers who he is. 
→ Inuyasha (everyone's got a choice)
→ Logan (no matter what)
→ Raven (wrong button to push?)
→ Rhyme (you're too kind)
→ Hope (find a way)
→ Sango (a person worth the whole world)
→ Okita (introduction; no problem with the killing thing)
→ Riku (find a way to stop them)
→ Kohaku (hard question)
→ Frau (introduction; that's a mighty heavy question for a kid to be asking)
→ Chibiusa (went through this before)
→ Joshua (meeting in person on the bridge; true form; the whole Nyx story; implementing an idea; walk back home)
 12-27 Yoko (Bon's gone; dinner invitation; kitty attack)
→ 12-30 [Can one escape destiny?] - The Animus make Ryoji human in exchange for his memories of the person most dear to him, namely Minako. 

▶ 2012- January:
→ 01-01 [A new start] - Ryoji looks for new housemates, since Bon disappeared and left the house in his care. And a cat. Also, some good news for you, Adstring. 
→ Joshua (thank you)
→ Okita (I offered to kill you, but who cares?; let's live together!)
→ Riku (experience with kittens?)
→ Logan (how convenient)
→ Inuyasha (just how is that a good thing?)
 01-07 Rhyme (looking for Beat during the Fire Event)
→ 01-10 [The Fire Event] - Ryoji watches over the house and carries the Moonshine from the attic to the cellar so that it doesn't catch on fire. 
→ Okita (like a good wife)
→ Yoko (you ok?)
 01-10 Yoko (didn't know you lived so close)
 01-11 Joshua (psychologist)
→ 01-19 [A little thief in the kitchen] - Bon's demon cat is back. 
→ Okita (Toshizo)
→ Suki (cats and sky bisons)
--moving to DW--
 01-20 Okita (next to the waterfall; after the earthquake - canon update; making a promise)
 01-20 Riku (after canon update; hair talk; show me yours because I've shown you mine)
 01-25 Morgana (do you believe in fate; escaping death; is that where you come from)
 01-28 Hope (who's the lucky lady?; kitty!Light)
→ 01-29 Okita (rasetsu times, oops)
→ 01-30 [Another normal day?] - Ryoji wakes up after giving Okita some blood for the first time. 
→ Okita (someone's seriously worried)
→ Syaoran (it's just a flesh wound)
→ Luna (meeting by the carousel; new favorite spot)
→ Hope (suspicious of Okita; you sure have a lot of those)
→ Hotaru (introduction)
→ Suki (be more careful)
→ Jun (it's nothing, honest to god)
→ Joshua (a little clumsy this morning; 'partner' as in 'boyfriend'?; do you believe in fate?)
→ Unohana (your hand...)
→ Vincent (introduction; you know my name; mentioning meeting Chaos; how long you've been here)
→ Ami (introduction; a friend of Okita's?; how long you've been here)
 01-30 Rinoa (visit with something sweet; sorceress?)
 01-31 Inuyasha (a wish to the Animus)
 01-31 Sayaka (introduction; instruments)

▶ 2012- February:
→ 02-06 [Looking for something darker and/or adventurous?] - A wild dating ad appears! (Blame the Animus.) 
 Joshua (stalking? masochism?)
 Okita (enjoying physical pain?; story behind Shadows)
 Syaoran (does your ad lie, too?; saving your virginity?; dude, I'm fourteen!)
 Riku (still denying that you're a stalker?)
 Blackfire (she's interested)
 Rinoa (you stalked and hid under her bed?)
 Kida (introduction; did you get the girl?; this guy's speaking my language)
 Hinamori (introduction; hobbies; books)
 Vincent (I didn't ask; mentioning Yuffie)

▶ 2012- March:
→ 03-28 [New clothes for Ryoji! (morning)]
→ 03-28 [A tea party gone wrong (evening)] -
→ 03-30 [Asking about green tea crepes]
 03-30 Joshua (closet romantic; meme)

▶ 2012- April:
→ 04-07 [Ryoji and Ami need to have a talk] -
→ 04-11 [Lost home] - during the uncompression week. Since the Greek House disappeared, the three of its former housemates try to find another place to stay. Ryoji and Jun get lost in the woods, and then the three end up watching Beauty and the Beast in one of the abandoned houses.
→ 04-17 [Party time!] -
→ 04-28 [Nyx Avatar's announcement during the TYL event] -
→ 04-29 [The night after the event ends]

▶ 2012- May:
→ 05-10 [A walk in the rain]
→ 05-19 [Stars at midnight]
→ 05-31 [Ryoji gets a little visit from a 'friend'] - too bad said friend is a walking lady killer robot and kinda sorta wants him dead. It's a good thing Ryoji made friends with the right people. ... Perhaps lying to Unohana wasn't he best of ideas, though.

▶ 2012- June:
→ 06-06 [i awwnt to make love wiht you tonigtthhh; meme] - The night over at Fai's clearly went wrong.
→ Joshua ('ve been drinking)
→ Kida (we went over this, remember?)
→ Kagura (so you enjoy being hard to get)
→ Okita (knowledge of the universe and everything)
→ 06-12 [After the visitors event]
→ 06-14 [Cooking time!] -
→ 06-14 [And post-cooking time!]
→ 06-19 [Commencing the secret stealth mission!] - 
→ 06-30 [(x,y), sunrise.] - Ryoji has been unnaturally silent for the past week and Joshua wants to know why.

▶ 2012- July:
→ 07-06 [A golden fish]

▶ 2012- August:
→ 08-05 [This wasn't here when I went to sleep!] -
→ 08-?? [Panic after Pink's appearance] -
→ 08-11 [Stealth mission gone wrong]
→ 08-12 [It's raining blood, my children!]
→ 08-28 [Sometime during the mood ring event] -

▶ 2012- September:
→ 09-08 [Events are all around us] - Ryoji gets called out by Josh to meet again. This time he gets hit with something he definitely didn't expect.
→ 09-16 [A question filtered away from Joshua] - which in turn leads to this. Thankfully or not, the two don't get to talk about any of it before the next event hits the scene.
→ 09-?? [Vriska pokes Ryoji to talk about stuff] - ...more confusion ensues. 
→ 09-29 [Pharos says goodbye]
→ 09-30 [Time to confront Joshua about something]

▶ 2012- October:
→ 10-07 [Joshua coming up with an answer] -
→ 10-19 [Mr Pumpkin hits the scene]
→ 10-23 [-1 housemate for the Greek House] - and Ryoji doesn't seem to cope with it too well.

▶ 2012- November:
→ 11-01 [Post-Halloween party action] -
→ 11-05 [Vriska strikes again] -
→ 11-08 [Guess who's celebrating his birthday this year]
→ 11-11 [A little meeting on top of the roof] -
→ 11-23 [Ryoji announces both Okita's and Jun's disappearance]

▶ 2012- December:
→ 12-04 [Happy Birthday, Joshua] -
→ 12-04 [A birthday for two!]

▶ 2013- January:
▶ 2013- February:
▶ 2013- March:
▶ 2013- April:
 05-04 Dean (introduction; Moonshine exchange)

▶ 2013- May:
→ 05-01 [Shibuya House -2] - Nanako and Pink are gone. 
→ Neku (visiting the orchid)
→ Duo (kitchen tables; working late)
→ Joshua (what's really on your mind)
→ Axel (going by Lea now; let's go hang out at the bar)
→ Tseng (odd to be sad to see people go)
 05-05 Minako (meeting; the painful truth)
 05-05 Joshua (out on the roof; after Minako's arrival; raining like a year ago)
 05-09 Kida (can you relate?; explaining the situation)
 05-10 Lily (define 'mistress')
 05-10 Minako (it's not like that)
 05-10 Joshua (nothing weighing on your conscience?)
 05-10 Joshua (at the bridge; confessions about what happened back at the dorms)

the13tharcana: (blue sky)

You wake up in the back seat of a car.

Your face is pressed to one of the windows and you soon realize that the vehicle you're currently in is knocked over to the side. The smell of smoke suddenly makes itself all too apparent. As you try to move, you notice there are two other figures in the driving and and passenger's seat - a man and a woman - but they're lifeless; not moving. You vaguely look yourself over - your child-sized hands and legs, then your sweater and skirt. You're lucky enough to have nothing more than a scratch.

As you begin to crawl out of the vehicle, a woman's voice reaches your ears. She seems to be yelling something, but you fail to make sense of it. Once you're finally up on your feet, you realize you're on a bridge. And you're not alone.

Right beside the car, there's a very bizarre-looking figure standing - floating? - not that far away from you, and judging from the tire marks on the road, this thing was the reason the car crashed. Whether the creature attacked you, or whether your parents lost control while not wanting to drive into it - you have no idea. The other figure a little further away seems to be a blond-haired woman. The voice you heard earlier belongs to her.

You can hardly make sense of what's happening as the two start - resume? - to fight with each other. You just stand there and watch, until the blonde notices you. You're not sure what happens next, but suddenly, you feel as if your head is about to explode.

The pain literally makes you fall to your knees and you pass out in the middle of the street.


See...? I'm not human.

I will bring death to this world until I am finally satiated.
Do not hesitate to kill me.


You're on the rooftop of a building, trying to catch your breath. You feel like you just ran a mile.

The sky is dark, the moon is full and huge, and you suddenly notice you're not alone here, either. There's a girl dressed in a pink sweater right beside you. ... But that's not all. Some... weird-shaped, black things, that almost seem to consist of nothing more than several hands glued together, holding masks and long, double-edged knives are crawling their way up the building wall, and towards you. Their intentions definitely don't seem too friendly.

The girl beside you steps up as if to protect you from whatever is coming, but is evidently distressed by the situation more than you yourself are.

"Those monsters... we call them Shadows."

She reaches to a pouch placed on her thigh and pulls out what seems like a gun. But, surprisingly, she doesn't direct the weapon on the things that runs towards you. Instead, she presses the thing to her head, her breath hitching before she's clearly about to shoot. But the things-- the Shadows do something, you're not sure what it is, something swirls in front of you, and the girl hesitates. As she desperately tries to do it again, she's left flying to the side and stumbles down to the ground - and the gun she held in her hands ends up right under your feet.

Time seems to slow down as you stare at it. And there's suddenly a voice in your head - a kid's voice. A kid's voice that seems strangely familiar. ... The boy from the dreamscape?

"...go on."

You hesitate, but you reach down for the weapon and pick it up. You have the vision of the girl pressing it to her head from just a second ago stuck in your head, and for whatever reason... you have this weird feeling it's what's you're supposed to do. Your heartbeat and your pulse quickens and your hand is shaking as you slowly place the gun against your temple, but you do it anyway. Time seems completely still before you finally pull the trigger.

It doesn't hurt - not in the way you imagined it would, at least, nor does your vision go black. The weapon definitely wasn't loaded with any actual bullets, if the fact that you're still standing on your two feet is anything to go by. But something changes - in you? Around you? You feel a weird surge of energy as something materializes before you.

An inhuman, metallic roar reaches your ears, and suddenly sharp pain flashes through your head. It hurts so bad that you can't stop yourself from screaming. Your hands shoot up to clench on the sides of your head despite yourself. And whatever it is that just appeared right in front of you... seems to be getting ripped apart from something on the inside.

Something even bigger comes out, with chains and coffins and a sword, and you have no idea what this thing is, but the way it roars and flies for to attack the Shadows before you makes it almost look like it just went berserk. The dark figures are being mercilessly cut and torn in half with inhuman strength. Unpleasant, wet noises rip through the air, and you just stand there, staring at it all. That... that thing seems to be on your side, and yet you feel terrified by what it's doing.

When the last limb of the still remaining Shadow gets squashed by that thing's hand, it lets out a loud, metallic roar, suddenly disappearing right before your eyes. For a moment, your vision goes dark.


Some things in this world cannot be changed.
You do not understand this yet.


You're in a classroom, occupying one of the seats. For some reason, there's loud chatter among the students. As the teacher enters and starts to speak, the class tones down a bit. But it's not really the teacher that catches your attention.

"Alright everyone, today we have yet another transfer student... As you all know, this is our third. That makes it a hat trick." Ignoring the fact that the class doesn't seem very amused, the woman goes on. "...Please introduce yourself."

You should have no doubts to who the transfer student apparently is.

"My name is Ryoji Mochizuki. I would be grateful if you could show me the ropes."

You vaguely hear a bunch of girls whispering: "...hey, he's kinda cute", "I was thinking the same thing" and "not so loud..."

"...Nice to meet you." Ryoji speaks to the whole class again, but you have the weird feeling like he's looking in your direction specifically.

"Ryoji used to live overseas for a long time because of his parents' work, so he may not be used to all of our customs. Be sure to explain them to him." The teacher goes on, and the boy just nods to that.

"I'd be grateful."

"Now then, you need a seat. Let's see... That one's open. Second from the left, in the front."

This time, one of the other girls from the class speaks up. She wears that pink sweater you remember seeing back on the roof. There's no doubt it's her. "Um... Ms. Toriumi? Technically, that seat's taken..."

"You must be present to be a member of this class, so as far as I'm concerned, that seat is available." The teacher explains in a huffy voice. "Life is nothing but a game of musical chairs. The rest of you should be careful, too."

The girl sighs to that. And then you notice - sitting in one of the school benches beside you is... the blond-haired woman you've seen on the bridge back then. She seems to be eyeing the transfer student rather intently, as he approaches her.

"Good morning. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name..."

"...You are dangerous." The blonde sounds weary.

"Dangerous?" Ryoji seems to have no idea what she's talking about. "I haven't even asked you out on a date yet..."

"A date...?" The girl goes silent, looking slightly confused.

"Aigis, what's wrong with you?" Your friend in the pink sweater asks.

And despite everything, Ryoji seems rather amused. "Haha. Rejected from the start. You're an interesting girl..."

The other girl just sighs again before the teacher speaks up. "Your teacher understands, Aigis... You haven't had very long to be the 'new student,' and already you have to share the spotlight." The teacher sighs herself this time. "I wish your classmates would pay attention to me for a change... Hey, are any of you even listening?"


Memories are ambiguous...
Old ones can be replaced with new ones, creating a new reality.


You pass the main exit of the school building. You can tell that it's autumn by the sight of all the colorful leaves decorating the trees and the street outside. And, well... you're not alone. But the two of you get assaulted pretty fast.

"Oh, Ryoji-kun. Are you going home?"

"Ah, Mikako-chan."

"Ooh, it's Ryoji. Hey, are you going somewhere?"

Before you even know it, Ryoji is surrounded by a swarm of girls.

"Sorry, ladies, but I've already got plans for today. Maybe next time..."

"Whaaat? When's 'next time' gonna be?"

"Tell you what, I'll make sure I see you in your dreams tonight."

The girl squeals at that comment, while Ryoji continues to charm his way through the throng of female students. "Ahaha, please! You're all so cute; I can't choose just one of you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I've already decided on my princess for today."

It's when you notice that he takes your hand. ... The glances you receive from all around are physically painful.

You hesitate a bit, but then ask: "Should I go?"

And Ryoji just smiles to that. "Oh no, a princess needs an escort..." Before he suddenly falls silent. "Sorry..."

"What's the matter...?" You ask again.

"It's just that... I'm sorry. I feel like I shouldn't be saying things like this to you." All of a sudden, the boy before you looks dejected. "I want to be more sincere with you... I wonder why..."

The grip on your hand tightens. The other girls leave, throwing a few dark looks your way.

"Oh... Sorry. Aigis-san's going to get angry again if she sees me holding your hand. But... I wonder why. For some reason, Aigis-san, too... I feel like I know her, and it's on the tip of my brain... I just can't remember it!" He's evidently troubled by the fact. "Oh... I shouldn't let myself get lost in thought while you're with me. Hey, can you show me around the city? I want to see all the places you like to go to."


Don't you want to end all your friends' pain and suffering?


It's Sunday, and yet, Ryoji's taking you to the school grounds... Together, you climb over the gates and quietly make your way to the rooftop.

"I wonder if we'll get in trouble if someone finds us." Your companion comments, but he sounds more amused than worried.

You smile back at him. "We'll just have to not be seen."

"... Haha, I see. You're an interesting person." Ryoji laughs gently, but then his smile falters a bit. "When I'm alone... I don't feel right." He starts, then pauses for a moment before he continues again. "I think... I'm scared. Thinking about you... it scares me. The fact that tomorrow will come... scares me... But I can't figure out why..." Before you know it, that cheerfulness of his seems to be gone completely. "Hey, Minako-chan... I-I... I'm..."

You're not sure what the whole hesitation is about, but there's only one answer you have to this. "You're Ryoji."

At which he perks up a bit, looking back at you. "Hearing my name from your lips makes it sound so wonderful. ...Thank you." A warm smile makes its way to his lips. "I... don't want to lose you. Because you're important to me... that's probably why I'm scared." Ryoji admits. "You're... the only one there is for me. The only one I want... So please, stay with me."


...It's up to you.
You're the only one who can make this decision.


You enter a room. ...Your room? Ryoji seems to be standing in a corner, but as soon as you come in, he turns to you. The air around you feels different than before. Carefully, Ryoji starts to speak.

"Hey. I didn't think I'd ever be in this room under circumstances like these. I had a good time, you know... Back then."

"Don't tell me you've all decided to let me live... You're all going to risk your lives on a battle you can't win. But, you're the only one here right now, so... I'll say this one more time."

"If you kill me, Tartarus, the Dark Hour, and your memories of the battles will all disappear. Tomorrow, you'll wake up a normal high-school student. You'll be able to live in peace until the moment of the Fall. But if you let me live, you'll spend every waking moment until that day in fear of your inevitable death. Nyx cannot be defeated... It's useless to fight her."

"...Are you still thinking? Or, have you already made up your mind?"


Now, this is your last chance.
Tell me your answer...


The last thing you get to see is yourself standing on what seems like the top of Tartarus - and a (perhaps) familiar figure looking into the distance right beside you.

As soon as it turns to look your way, you leave the dreamscape.
the13tharcana: (cold)
When you come into Ryoji's dream world, you find yourself in the middle of a bridge. At first glance, not that much seems to be unusual about it. It's dark, evidently nighttime, and perhaps it's that darkness that keeps your eyes fooled for a moment more. You notice a big, glowing moon on the sky. There's also something weird on the other side, in the distance, but you have no idea what it is. It's really tall, perhaps some kind of weird-shaped tower, but you're positive it's not something you've ever seen before. Hopefully it didn't matter, because the only way to get there would be swimming, and... all of a sudden you're not even sure if that's actually water that's around the bridge. Scratch that - you're not even sure if there's anything there at all, because once you take a look down from it, all you see is darkness. When you try to figure out how long the bridge actually is, you soon notice that you can't see either end. It seems to go on endlessly.

It's strange... The sky and the ground look so weird, and there's no one here...
Something terrible has happened here, and yet I feel at peace.

You're not sure if something's changed when you weren't paying attention, or whether it's been like this ever since you appeared here only that your eyes needed some time to adjust to the whole darkness around you, but all of a sudden something's very, very wrong. There are evidently coffins around you, standing vertically, yet all seem closed. The whole place feels eerie and unnaturally quiet and you can't shake off the feeling like something's about to creep up your back.

Then you take that step back from one of the boxes and you stumble upon something. The hope that it's just a piece of rubble dies instantly the moment you look down to your feet. All of a sudden you notice dozens - thousands? - of bodies laying on the ground all around you. Some seem familiar, while others not. They're scattered in weird positions, and although their expressions look peaceful, almost as if they were just asleep, you're pretty sure neither of them is breathing. You have no idea if that's blood that's decorating the street in such a red hue, but even if it is, you somehow have a feeling it doesn't belong to either of the corpses.

"Good evening."

You thought you were alone here, but evidently you were wrong. There's a boy standing not that far away from you - was he there all this time? - and you wonder if you've seen him somewhere before. Something about his eyes... and that mole right above his left cheek... No, it couldn't be, could it?
He didn't want to be here, so he pushed me out instead.
Said it would be easier for me to deal with what this place is.
Claimed that I would have more power over it.

I didn't mind. Some of it might be true.

The seemingly perfectly composed kid's presence definitely isn't making things feel any less creepy... but perhaps he might have some answers to the questions you're most likely about to ask.

But isn't that just running away?

>> Dreamscape Log
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[Ten years later] event information...

...for Ryoji?

I've been thinking about this for a while, and seeing as everyone else was getting really into it, I didn't want to be left out~ SO HERE GOES NOTHING. \o/

Unlike most of your characters getting older and stuff, however, I figured Ryoji's case would be a bit different. If this is an event that is supposed to show what can happen in an alternate kind of future of the character, but doesn't really have to... well, I guess we all like to let our imagination run loose at such things. 8D


Timeline goes here )

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OOC Information:
Name: Nayru
Age: 24
Plurk: nayru
E-MAIL: nayru774(at)
Are you new? Yes~

IC Information:
Name: Ryoji Mochizuki
Fandom: Persona 3 (Portable Version - Female Protagonist Route)
Timeline: 31st of December, 2009; right after Minako decides to let Ryoji live and he says his goodbye to everyone. Literally seconds before midnight hits the clock.
Age: It's complicated; 17 in appearance.

Application goes here! )
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Canon: Persona 3 Portable (Female Protagonist Route)
Character: Ryoji Mochizuki

The 1st of December, 2009; right after saying goodbye to the Female Protagonist after experiencing the 9th rank of the Fortune Social Link with her, still before the Dark Hour (where his encounter with Aigis on the Moonlight Bridge is supposed to take place). Meaning that Ryoji isn't aware who he really is yet.

Personality and background description under the cut. BE AWARE THAT THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THE PERSONA 3 SERIES INSIDE. )
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